Waiting Time and Exchange

  1. Shipping takes 2-4 days for orders within the Philippines and 7-15 days abroad. Processing starts the day after submission of deposit slip.
  2. In the unlikely event that the product you received is damaged, please take a photo of it and e-mail it to hellotitawitty@wittywillsavetheworld.com, together with a 3-paragraph explanation on why you think we should replace it. CHEKA. Photo lang, keri na 'yun and we'll replace it immediately. If it's minimal damage that was caused by the shipping, we won't replace it because shipping another one might just make the same damage at baka magpaulit-ulit, parang Market! Market!
  3. No refunds, please. But if you insistplease submit an 18-page explanation (size 8 font, single space, front and back) on why you need a refund.

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